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How to set yourself free?

Whether it is the 1st or the 100th act of violence against you, now is a good time to leave and we are ready to welcome you.


At Transit 24, you will find a multitude of resources to get you by. In addition to taking the time to fully understand the scope of your problem, we will present tools such as the cycle of violence, the wheel of power or the GEPI.


Leaving home can be terrifying as you don't know where to go, what will happen with your lease or just whether you should contact the police. At Transit, you will not only find answers to your questions,


Contact us by calling us at the following number and/or by writing to us


A transit 24 worker is at your service to listen to you.
She makes sure to create a bond of trust with you so that you can feel safe to share and open up.

Watercolor Butterfly 17
Watercolor Butterfly 17

Our counselor will assess your needs to ensure that you received the best possible welcome.

For example: If you have a child, or need specific access due to reduce mobility


Our counselors welcome you at Transit 24.
You now have access to a room, meals, activities for you and your children if needed. You will also have access to support 24-hours.


Contact us

We listen to you

We evaluate your need

We welcome you at Transit 24 home

Follow-ups with our counselors


During your stay, our counselors will provide development meetings 2x a day in order to offer you the support you desire. In addition to formal meetings, they are available to you 24 hours a day.

Take flight within your own wings


When you feel ready, you will take flight. Our counselors will remain available for you at all times.

Steps to take

Feeling ready?

Call us today, we are here for you.
24h/24, 7 days a week

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