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Maison Transit 24

This is your home 

Our vision and values

For women and kids

Our story

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Who are we?

Transit 24 is a shelter for women victims of domestic violence. Supporting these fighters for the time necessary to have a break, they are welcomed with their minor children as needed. Using personalized and confidential support, we help them find solutions to their problem.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

Offering services in 9 languages, here is an overview of the support activities offered:

  • Telephone listening for ventilation, reception or referral

  • Individual meetings for listening, intervention plan and follow-up

  • Group and socio-cultural activities with mothers and children

  • Support for mothers and children

  • Awareness raising activities among the population

  • Post-accommodation follow-up to ex-housed women and children

Our success in numbers

We have a primary objective,
the one of supporting you and helping you get your life back in hand.


Women and
housed children


Average accommodation rate


Interventions for
Women and children



10 yrs +

Average work experience 

Phone calls with 
unhoused women


Our duty is to help women victims of domestic violence to take control of their lives and to stand on their own feet.

Blandine T, General Manager Maison Transit 24

Mother and Son

I wanted to share a thought from my heart: your availability, your welcome, your generosity really touched me and I wanted to say thank you, thank you and thank you once again.


I have come from so far and when I arrived in Canada I was afraid of the unknown, not knowing anyone. I was betrayed by the person I leaned on and trusted the most and it was the people I didn't know who saved me. You have given me the chance to have confidence in life and to rebuild my life. thank you very much

woman 2

I have been through such difficult times that more than once I thought I would never see the end of the tunnel. At each of these times, you were there to comfort me and help me find solutions

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